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Kind Race 2022

Kind Race 120 is a charity running project, the goal of which is to raise $1 million for kind deeds, to attract the attention of people from all over the world to Ukraine and to remind about the importance of 17 The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Tetiana Grynova, a philanthropist and founder of the Kind Challenge platform, will run 120 half marathons in 120 days in different Ukrainian cities to set the record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

* Due to Tetiana's illness, we have suspended the running part of the Kind Race 120. We will return with updates after January 10. But we are NOT stopping our fundraising and continue to raise $1 million for Ukrainian charities.

You can continue our movement of kind runners by making a donation on this site or by joining our running club in STRAVA – run any distance, donate and share it on your social networks, tagging @kindrace120.

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More about Tatiana, the Kind Challenge and Kind Race charity platform:

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